Vo0 interviewed on QuakeCon, QC and being pro at 32

Great interview, vo0 is such a chill and down to earth person, I have big respect for him.

I found it odd though he favor the round based duel system. While rounds work I think a much better format can be implemented. I don't think we can take away the paper rock scissors kind of gameplay because some champions will always have an advantage over another, but just letting you freely chose one champion at a time of maybe 10 champions after you die with a 10 min duel limit would give a much better flow in general. Right now it is pretty lame you have to rely on the same 3 champions through 5 rounds (25 min game when played well) which gets tiresome to watch. The 10 champion format would of course break their vision of renting champions but I think it would be best for the scene if all champions were available for everyone in the duel mode, and you have to buy/rent them for the others. This would also bring in much more players to duel and overall make QC a more enjoyable game, both to watch and play.

Personal oppinion, this format could be shit as well, but I think something needs to be done at how duel is right now. :/
posted 10 months ago
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