Plus Forward logo design

39% Design 5
19% Design 1
17% Design 4
9% Design 3
6% Design 7
5% Design 6
1% Design 2
 111 votes
I basically tried simplifying the logo a bit more since it seemed too "busy". But i have no professional opinion due to not being a professional. ;)

If you happen to be a skilled logo designer feel free to come up with a completely different logo that's actually well designed, would be very appreciated. :D
In the meantime please help me decide.
Design 1 (Original):
Design 4:
Design 7:
Design 2:
Design 5:
Design 3:
Design 6:

Your Doom first impressions

57% Need to see more to judge
31% Looks awesome!
11% I'm disappointed
 99 votes
Tell us your thoughts on gameplay from the E3 Doom presentation!

Upcoming ArenaFPS Game with the most potential.

26% Doom
25% Reflex
20% Unreal Tournament
17% Diabotical
7% Other
1% BlueStreak
0% Toxikk
 120 votes
Which upcoming ArenaFPS game do you think has the most potential for a thriving competitive multiplayer community?

If your choice isn't among the options tell us in the comments.