The current implementation of elo in CA needs fixes, especially at the higher ends. The recent change to give a 20% boost only made the existing problems more prominent.

1. The current system doesn't seem to take into account that every server already auto-balances based on elo. Assuming this elo system is in any way accurate, that should result in a 50% win rate. This is a problem because:
2. The punishments in the system aren't fair. You lose far more elo for being 1 performance point under the next highest than you gain for being 10 points over. And because the winning team gets a 20% boost, It's almost impossible to be the highest performance on the losing team.

In almost every loss, I'll lose 3-4x as much as I'll gain for a win, regardless of how well I do when I win. I'd need a ~75% win rate to keep a stable rating, which is pretty ridiculous with given every game is also elo balanced.

The solution is to go back to a straight w/l for calculating elo. Scale the amount won or lost by how far an individual player's elo is from the mean when they win/lose to avoid abuse. That was the old system and, to my knowledge, nobody had any problems with it - it just unfortunately existed before elo shuffling did. Scrap performance - it was a nice idea, but it just doesn't work.