DreamHack Tours is now over and the results are in! The 2v2 Tournament brought some unexpected results, starting with surprising perfomance by Turtle Recall and concluded with low final placements for Myzto EU and Liquid #2.

Here are the few things that have to be highlighted:
  • DaHanG and rapha once again proved their dominance at Quake Champions scene. For DaHanG it's the fourth victory out of seven LAN tournaments that he played in his Quake Champions career, that puts him on the second place with the LAN prize earnings.
  • The most anticipated game of the whole tournament happened at the Semi Final, clawz and Silencep managed to take a 3:1 victory against toxjq and Xron. Aside from a lot of practice matches, it was only the third official match between these teams, and before this LAN match it was a tie - 1:1, with both matches played online. This time sleep to awake didn't meet serious competition on LAN.
  • AMD and Cyberfight delivered probably the most close and thrilling matches on LAN. Cooller and Latrommi did surprisingly well against the unexamined favourite Team Liquid, they also had really close matches versus Myztro EU. As for c58 team, they put a lot of pressure against Corvidae, winning with only one frag advantage, and also versus Quaker Orbs, where the result of the first map was determined by the following situation.
  • baSe finally gave the whole Quake community a solid LAN perfomance. Even though it wasn't the Duel tournament, baSe managed to play his game on about the same as he did online, as the result it helped him and agent to take fifth place at the tournament.
  • Myztro Gaming organization sent three teams to this LAN event, but only one of them, with RAISY and Spart1e managed to get back home with some prize money. None of Myztro teams made it to the final day of the event.
  • Turtle Recall would probably get back home with the People's Choice Award. psygib and festiveturtle did surprisingly well, as they managed to win Comrade Gaming, a team that surely was expected to perform much better than them. You can read the interview with our heroes on Plus Forward.
  • For the first time in the Quake history, casters brought ingame communication of players during the match.
  • The current Champions meta didn't offer a lot of variety - approximately 95% of matches were played with Galena, Visor and Doom.
  • All CIS players that came to DreamHack Tours managed to get into final playoff day.

The next big LAN is going to be QuakeCon 2018, it will take a place on August 9th-11th.

Quake Champions 2v2 Tournament -- Tournament Hub
  • icon_cup_gold Team Liquid #1 ( rapha, DaHanG) - 20,000 USD
  • icon_cup_silver sleep to awake ( clawz, Silencep) - 10,000 USD
  • icon_cup_bronze iCE cLIMBERS ( toxjq, Xron) - 5,000 USD
  • icon_cup_bronze AMD ( Cooller, Latrommi) - 5,000 USD
  • 5-6. Cyberfight ( baSe, agent) - 2,500 USD
  • 5-6. Virtus.Pro ( cYpheR, Av3k) - 2,500 USD
  • 7-8. Myztro EU ( RAISY, Spart1e) - 2,500 USD
  • 7-8. Quaker Orbs ( Effortless, venOm) - 2,500 USD
  • 9. Team Liquid #2 ( winz, whaz)
  • 10-12. Pompa Team ( pikawa, phaze), Turtle Recall ( psygib, festiveturtle), Corvidae ( dandaking, Steej)
  • 13-18. Thunder Auk ( strenx, serious), Myztro USA ( br1ck, dooi), Comrade Gaming ( ins, vengeurR), Myztro UK ( HELL, GaRpY), Cookies and Cream ( d3th, phaZon), D&M Blue ( na1x, DERiSEN),
  • 19-22. The Popes of Dope ( XdRiL, Ob5y), Chill Crew ( Xhep, TomParky), SeekMate2v2 ( Nykho, sokaaRz)