Before E3 I was about 40% confident for Doom. After the showcase I am now about 70% but there are still some questions I hope to have answered.

I am talking about the MP specifically

  • Weapon roster looks good
  • Snapmaps sounds like a great tool for allowing the community to create a good mp experience
  • I like the look and feel of the game (especially revenant powerup)
  • It seems like a pretty good speed (though can be adjusted with SM)

  • Melee kill animations in MP
  • No mention of TDM, CTF, Duel

  • Will the game be capped at 60fps?
  • Will the fact that the game is coming out on consoles affect pc framerate? game modes?
  • Do iD intend to have Doom take over from QL? Will they fully support it with stats, tournaments, etc etc.
  • Does idtech6 have strafe jumping? Do you think iD will have removed it?
  • How good will iDs snapmaps sharing tools be? If somebody makes a great doom tournament mod will it be accessible for everyone to grab or host on servers?
  • Will the game be moddable beyond snapmaps. If snapmaps only allows you to edit surface level gameplay/maps, can players mod the game down to things like framerate and video settings?

Everything is still so up in the air that this game could go either way. I was hoping I'd have a much clearer idea after E3. If iD puts the effort in to support the pc crowd and facilitate the multiplayer community then that might be all it needs (as well as some excellent community stuff on snapmaps).

Any other thoughts or concerns after the E3 show?