We are very proud to announce the inaugural DOOMBRINGER Duel League. With DOOMBRINGER’s largest ever prize pool and the grandest production yet, the DBDL marks a significant step-up in competitive DOOMBRINGER. For months, the finest duellers from around the globe will battle for their shot at the crown.

Sign-ups, now open, will dictate the league’s length and format. They will close on the 25th of December 2021, when the final details will be revealed. For now, here’s what we do know!

  • 8 to 16 week main season round-robin starting January the 3rd 2022
  • Gauntlet style playoffs
  • NA, SA and EU players welcome
  • Weekly show on twitch.tv/TimConLAN - Fridays 8PM CEST

So join us, won’t you, as the history books are written, and stake your claim!

icon_pluscoin €1000
icon_cup_gold €450
icon_cup_silver €250
icon_cup_bronze €175
icon_pluscoin €125
Duel 1: Machinations of Purgatory
Duel 2: Toxicity
Duel 3: Divine Calamity
Duel 4: The Crown
Duel 5: Endless Consternation
GT4: The Shaft

Admin: GMT#4367
Stream: icon_twitchTimConLAN
Links: Sign-Up, icon_challonge Bracket, icon_pluscoin Donate, icon_discord Discord, icon_steam DOOMBRINGER on Steam.