Mostly been doing minor updates and bugfixes recently, cba to write all of those down.

04. October 2015
  • New brown css which i'll prolly make the default at some point because i got depressed with the blue/greenish one.
  • Bunch of backend fixes.
  • Currently still working on Player and Team rankings.

07. September 2015
  • Back end addition of "Game Types" information for matches and tournament results which will be needed later on for any form of ranking.
  • Teams lineups are now split into "squads" which each is associated with a single game category to better represent multi game teams or just multi squad teams.
  • Every forum post can now also have a poll attached to it.

25. August 2015
Added some betting stats which you can find by clicking on your username -> Betting or for other people by using the drop down menu in their profile
24. August 2015
Added a user mention/notifiction system, when writing @<username> the tag will be made into a link and the user will be notified about being mentioned in a post or comment.
A new calendar view by month.

23. August 2015
(Probably forgot a few updates)
Changed the game icons in a lot of places into white font-icons for better contrast (dark red on black background didn't really look that great).

07. August 2015
New front page design, hopefully its a bit more informative and less "image heavy" on the eyes.
I have reset the featured user setting for everyone to enabled so they can see the new front page and decide again if they wish to disable it.
Non registered users who had featured posts disabled will have to still re-enable them themselves.
New default and dark theme. In the process of cleaning up my CSS work i had to retire the old default/dark and midnight theme in favor of these new ones.
Event posts can now be featured on the front page as well, they will show up in a separate area.

And as always lots of other minor bug fixes.

17. July 2015
Added a new user setting to keep the topbar fixed at the top of the page instead of scrolling with you.

14. July 2015
Added player and team tags for posts. Tagged posts are listed in the respective profile under "Tagged Posts" or in case of Vods under "VODs".
+ bunch of minor changes/fixes.

07. July 2015
Changed the frontpage post design again.
Changed the general design of posts ("put them in a box").
By popular demand added the sidebar to the posts.

01. July 2015
Updated Player and Team profiles and moved extra information into tabs.
Added VOD information to Player and Team profiles.

29. June 2015
Moved betting info messages into the notification area.
Added fullscreen option for in-post galleries.

23. June 2015
Updated event posts to organize information into tabs.
Enabled comments for event posts.
Frontpage calendar now shows comment counts.

21. June 2015
Added a "recent notification" overview page. Notifications older than 2 Weeks that have been seen get automatically deleted.

20. June 2015
Added the option to attach files from an URL.
Added placed pluscoin info to match post betting.

16. June 2015
Uploaded animated gifs now show a preview image with a play button with size information below similar to gfycat videos.

13. June 2015
Added support for gfycat embedding via the [gfycat=<id>] tag.

12. June 2015
The comment indicators now also show an asterisk * when the thread has 0 comments and hasn't been viewed yet.
Slightly changed the look of the sidebar boxes.
Added the ability to enable/disable and change the order of the sidebar boxes.

11. June 2015
Redesigned the frontpage a bit to hopefully use the space better.

09. June 2015
Added the ability for non registered users to post anonymously.

08. June 2015
Now also showing a "Recent Events" on the frontpage Calendar which shows Events from the last 7 days.
Anonymous users now have the ability to change settings as well (new settings icon in the top right next to "register"). Needs cookies to be enabled.

05. June 2015
Added a user setting to hide featured posts on the frontpage.
Added a new site activity sidebar to the frontpage.
Added a user setting to disable the new site activity sidebar.
+ a few minor fixes.