It's been 3 years since the first public alpha of Doombringer was released. To commemorate this event we're together with TimConLAN and icon_twitch Tastyspleen.TV hosting a duel tournament on Saturday July 18, 2020.

A lot has happened in these three years, and the game is closer than ever to it's first single player campaign icon_steam Steam release. In the mean time, we intend to have as much fun as possible with the multiplayer. And have you been there to watch our weekly events lately where players face off against each other but wanted the chance to participate yourself. Make sure to move over to our discord and get yourself sorted in to being set up and ready to play in this event, or merely participate by viewing the carnage on screen.

  • Duel1 : Machincations of Purgatory
  • Duel2 : Toxicity
  • Duel3 : Divine Calamity
  • GT4: Shaft
  • Aggressor : Aggressor
  • This is a European event. Players from other regions are allowed to join but they must play on European servers.
  • All players must join the icon_discord DOOMBRINGER Discord.
  • Players may submit their scores to an admin at the end of each match, deliberately submitting wrong scores will result in a forfeit of said match. End of match screenshots must be provided upon request.
  • All players must use autorecord demos and screenshots (see Options menu Misc) and submit all demos at the end of each day to an admin.
  • Any cheating, excessive rudeness, deliberate delaying of the event could result in immediate disqualification.
  • If you don't have a STEAM key, contact Kristus on discord.

Links: icon_discord Discord, icon_challonge Signup, icon_twitch Stream, Doombringer Website