After having talked about them and delayed them for quite a while i have finally something to show. The rankings are calculated using the Glicko rating system and the matches in our database. The Glicko system was extended with a custom rating decay that removes 10 rating points for a month of inactivity (no new matches added to our database). After 6 months of inactivity the player or team is removed from the ranking but their rating decay will still continue.

Currently the ranking is only enabled for Quake Live Duel since that is the only mode that has enough matches in our database to create a worthwhile ranking. The rankings are automatically updated once a day or manually by an admin should he choose to do so.

The rankings can be found here or under Gaming -> Rankings

Other site updates
  • The frontpage and post specific list pages have received a major design simplification in the form of a reddit inspired post list.
  • Player and team profiles have received a design update and have been split into games and squad respectively for better integration with the ranking.
  • Player and team prize winnings are now only listed in USD. Prizes in other currencies are converted using historic exchange rates (http://fixer.io/) with the event date.
  • Table filters have been moved out of the table headers since this was cause for confusion among some users.
  • Event posts have been redesigned with multiple tournaments being split into separate tabs.
  • Tournament brackets have been moved into their respective tournament area instead of being all in one below the post.
  • Twitch and youtube VODs now support start timestamps.
  • Some other smaller design updates including a few changes to admin interfaces.

New post type: External Link
I have also added a new post type called "Link". In essence it's just any link to another site similar to how reddit works. The reason for adding this type of post was because writing a proper full news post is time consuming and motivated news writers are hard to come by. It is mostly meant for minor news stories which might not be worth the effort of a full post.

On the new frontpage the Post title of Links are pointing directly at the external target and have the target domain listed next to the title. Any other link to the "Link" Post points to the comment thread instead.