Hi person(s),

Wen is now.

Here's your log of changed things.

  • Effect optimisation: burst impact, increased spark gravity, reduced number of sparks by 20%, better spark orientations, reduced spark length, increased spark width
  • Effect optimisation: rocket explosion, redcued number of sparks by 33%, reduced spark lengths, better spark orientations
  • Effect optimisation: blood particles duration now 1.5 seconds (was 2.0 seconds)
  • Removed ribbon trails off plasma eject cases
  • Shell casing duration reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds (making it a max of 10 casings laying around per person for 5 seconds of sustained fire)

  • Modified Jaguar head to reduce clipping
  • Added Plague head
  • Added Bunny Head
  • Added Turtle Head

  • Furnace (dp5) has had an art pass
  • Fixed name for Stage 1 Combat
  • Changed name for Stage 2 Combat to follow the same convention
  • Aerowalk update: now in sync with workshop version for match making (previous clip fixes)

  • Added Announcer – He says things about the match and things you do
  • Greatly improved performance of client-side particle collision
  • Added map editor sun enabled property
  • Added cl_weaponcycle to UI
  • Teleporter meshes now appear in the content browser
  • Fixed post-fix string issue on date formatting
  • Fixed issue where bridge tool would fail when two source edges (from different brushes) were identical
  • Increased max length of addon description
  • Fixed case sentitivity lua error when calling callWidgetDrawOptions() or callWidgetGetOptionsHeight() with incorrect case (would break Menu.lua if clicking on addon with same name as widget, but different case)
  • Fixed flicker when selecting addon/widget in menu, selection is now drawn next frame (after filtering occurs)
  • Added EffectSound.maxLengthAllowed var (had to rev effect file version & recompile them all)
  • Added Sound::getLengthSeconds() function
  • Players no-longer suicided if change to team they’re already on (important for master server drop-in on team games)
  • Changed MM disconnect hover info from “Disconnecting will count as a loss, and you will incur a time penalty” to “Disconnecting will count as a loss” as we don’t give time penalties anymore
  • Sounds in these effects are limited to max length of 3 seconds:
    • internal/items/armor/armor_green_pickedup.effecttxt
    • internal/items/armor/armor_red_pickedup.effecttxt
    • internal/items/armor/armor_yellow_pickedup.effecttxt
    • internal/items/health/health_50_pickedup.effecttxt
    • internal/items/health/health_mega_expire.effecttxt
    • internal/items/powerup_protect/powerup_protect_pickedup.effecttxt
    • internal/items/powerup_quad/powerup_quad_pickedup.effecttxt
  • Shotgun low ammo warning is now at 5
  • Added Gamma Slider and r_gamma
  • Dropped weapons (i.e. backpacks containing ammo) are now pickup-able when you have full ammo of the dropped weapon type (and can utilize the ammo).
  • Team spawns: We no-longer favor spawns that have friendly’s near by. An enemy have rough-los to a spawn will now fully block it from being used. (note: If all spawns have rough-los from am enemy, it falls back to distance-bias based spawn.)
  • If you disconnect mid MM game via console, it will now correctly remove you from MM queue (this also catches case when connection is interrupted)
  • If you disconnect post MM game via console/menu, it will now correctly remove you from MM queue
    cl_predict_items now defaults to 0

  • Full MM ladder now shown
  • Added drop in/out for casual modes
  • Match history now can be filtered by player
  • Doubles earns 15 CP, CTF earns 20 CP
  • Losers now receive 20% CP reward
  • Added matchhistoryraw/ for importing to your own databases
  • Competitive MM unavailable below level 15
  • Added ‘Proving Grounds’ playlist – Thread Here

  • Replay editor now hides with cl_show_hud
  • TeamHud: fixed an error due to clients disconnecting
  • Fixed issue where widget selection wasn’t being applied properly
  • Added AccelMeter widget

Source: ReflexArena.com