Layout changes

The biggest change which should be immediately apparent to everyone is that the main layout was changed to a 3 column design. This was done in an effort to minimize the amount of scrolling that is required to get to the content you might want to see for one, but also because i felt like it makes the site feel busier. It also makes the whole page a bit wider eliminating some more of the unused space to the sides.

The top quick filters have also been moved to the top right behind a filter icon button. This allows for more games to be added as there isn't a page restriction any more. It should also make it more apparent that they are indeed filters and not a different page sections which is something that i feel was sometimes cause for confusion. They are also links now that can be copied (right click, copy link location) if you wish to send someone a link which auto enables a quick filter.

On top of the layout change the site has also received numerous other smaller touch ups in almost every place and post type with an effort to stream line / cleanup the visuals and make everything a bit more structured. A lot of code cleanup and performance improvements were also done on the back end which should make the site even faster in some places (notably data tables). Tables have also received an update for better responsive support on mobile screens, no more side scrolling required!

New feature

The relatively big new feature with this update comes with the comparison page which allows you to pick a game, game mode and 2 players or teams and will show you how they match up with information about direct match counts, ranking positions, map statistics, recent tournament finishes and links to the most recent matches of the 2 players or teams. This is feature is really only possible due to the big efforts from our match and event contributors among which xou and d1z stand out the most. If you wish to help with contributing such data then get in contact with us, we are always looking for more motivated support!

There are still a lot of features planned for the site so stay tuned for more in the future!