This interview was taken right after the grand final of MediaMarkt LAN in Moscow. For vods and more information about the LAN itself you can check our tournament page.

Cooller: Hello again

Polosatiy: Congratulations on winning your latest tournament. Gotta say, after first two rounds on Blood Run during winners final, I didn't even...

Cooller: Actually, I was thinking... I'm a total arse now (I was losing), but the hen is in the nest (but I still have a chance) and then the hen went out of the nest and left an egg (and then I finally managed to win). A miracle happened. I've already said that the effort I've put into this match vs Cypher was comparable to that QuakeCon game in 2010, when we played the final. It was a hard game and I lost. Same thing happened in the winners final now. Thing is, me and Cypher never faced each other in tournaments before that. It's our first match in new Quake and it's a matter of principle for us to prove who has the longest (who's the best)... We were both tryharding to prove to everyone who's the best. Definitely, it was a close game, Cypher's skill was off the charts and I was playing pretty well too. The most important thing for both of us that I've found out is that we still got it. That's the key, to understand that we still "can do it" and even though we are old men, we're still trendsetters.

Polosatiy: I'm curious as to what you've felt on Blood Run after 2 lost rounds and gg from Cypher, when you typed something back, right?

Cooller: Usually, when a man is already rubbing his hands and relaxing, it's Murphy's law - evil fate plays a bad joke with him. He was one inch away from victory, thinking that I lost, but it was a mistake. The tables turned. From the technical point of view I was still trying hard and play my game, and at some moment I caught a second wind and started to aim well. I had a long break between games, so I didn't move or aim too well. Only towards the end of Blood Run I started to play proper. Other questions?

youtube preview

Polosatiy: No, I think that's all. It was a very long day...

Cooller: Actually, I'd like to take this occasion and say something. First thing is, where are all those smartasses who call me a retired old man? And the second thing is, what about my reaction and all? I think when I'm 50 I'd still be fucking you up like I do now. You know, my mission is to prove to people that old people can play. Hey guys, there's Zeus who's 29 and fucks shit up like there's no tomorrow. There's Virtus Pro in Counter-Strike who are close to their 30s and they are still laying down the law. It's not just that they aren't worse than the new generation, they school them, they show them how it's done. Only if you rework our game, you can maybe gain an advantage.

Polosatiy: I remember the 1st 125fps tourney when you were playing against toxjk and it was obvious that...

Cooller: Hey, you know what's funny? I'm like the fucking pensioner, but my fucking pension is twenty times larger than average...

Polosatiy: Okay, I think we should stop here. Congratulations.

Cooller: Oh, and big respect to Polos (Polosatiy, caster), he's done it solo all day today. I often watch streams, and these people who write negative stuff towards Polos like "his comments are bad, someone better call Force or Shadich"... Guys, that's not how you do it. He works in the format he knows and he's comfortable with. And he's working for you. Respect his work. All I wanted to say is that it doesn't matter if what he says fits (the game) or not, if he's commenting super detailed and all. Appreciate what you have. Thank you everybody, be well and prosper.

And also big thanks to L for translating the interview and d1z for clarifying some expressions!