After a short hiatus, Reflex player, and community organizer, phgp.sane returns from his local Wal-Mart to bring us the second installment of his SANETOPIA Duel Series. After setting a Reflex community record, with the largest prize pool to date($500.00 USD) and highest amount of sign-ups, the west coast crew are hoping to double-up the prize and raise a respectable $1, 000.00 USD, as well as push the boundaries on community participation.

The tournament is steadily picking up steam with the noteable sign-up of both #DP_ONE European, and North American champion AZK, and the anticipated sign-up of other notable names from the Quake, and Team Fortress 2 scenes.

UPDATE: The tournament has been moved from it's original date of Saturday July 19, 2015 , to Sunday July 26, 2015, starting at the same time.

SANETOPIA 2: The Return, is scheduled for Saturday, July 19, 2015, with games starting at 21:00 UTC, make sure you sign-up, and support the Reflex community.

  • This is a North American tournament, and all games, unless explicitly agreed to by players, are to played on North American servers.
  • Map selection will be drop-drop-pick-pick-pick for all sets, excluding the finals, where all five maps will be played, with the upper bracket winner selecting first, and the lower bracket winner selecting second, etc.
  • Servers can be arranged by logging into icon_irc #phgp on
  • Please report your scores to admin after you match is complete, and remember to take a screenshot of your result!
  • Please remember to sign-in, and be available ten, to fifteen minutes before the tournament begins.
  • Admins will have the authority to interpret the rules, to make a final decision on all necessary matters, including those not explicitly covered.
The prize pool will be announced closer to the tournament date.
  • sane: $50.00
  • mistergreen: $30.00
  • AZK: $50.00
  • clifford: $10.00
  • voltran: $34.92
  • Holi: $10.00
Please donate via paypal!

Links: icon_rflx Official Reflex Website, icon_rflx Official Post, icon_irc #phgp, icon_irc #reflex
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