I've recently completed a new theme for PF and I'd like your input on it. It's called 'midnight' and it can be found under your settings. First of all, I *think* I've applied style changes to everything, but since I'm still not quite familiar with the site please write here if you find that I've missed something.

Second, if you have any ideas on what to add or how to improve it, also drop a reply here.

Here's some screenshots (I won't be embedding them as they're huge): http://imgur.com/RWilWes,fVfrXhe

A bit darker category / filter colors
The bet page button needs a margin to the left
.selectize-control.single .selectize-input, .selectize-control.single .selectize-input input need text color override
New notification bubble color (#6c71c4) for better readability (old: #cfa644)
Fixed gallery (I hope)
Drag and drop image box styled
Header color fixed on media query for 856px