Bethesda and id Software have finally revealed Doom to the public and what a reveal it was!

Some multiplayer details
  • Release in Spring 2016.
  • Walking/running speed really is fast.
  • The previously (at QuakeCon 2014) mentioned double jump is a second "mid-air jump".
  • Doom seems to have received some sort of railgun weapon (seen at 00:18 mark of the multiplayer trailer linked below).
  • Mentioned game modes included Domination, Freeztag and Clan Arena. No word on TDM or CTF.
  • Content creation, and distribution will be controlled through Bethesda's "Snapmaps."
  • "Doom Snapmaps" allows users also create custom game modes like classic Deathmatch, or a Co-op mode where you have to kill waves of demons.
  • A multiplayer power-up was shown which when taken transforms the player into a Revenant -- this will be the equivelent of a Quad Damage.
  • In multiplayer, players will spawn with "some good weapons."

youtube preview
youtube preview
youtube preview
youtube preview
youtube preview

First available 4K resolution images from the game.

Screen captures from the announcement stream