Hello guys!
I've seen an Overwatch sub-forum, and thought that DirtyBomb can realy fit this nice site as well.

DirtyBomb is an UE3 FPS.
It is Objective-based, and relies heavily on teamplay and good aiming.

Open beta has started several dats ago - june the 2nd was the day.
Right now there are plenty of pple playing it.

10k of players at peak-times.

For those of you, who do not know WTF is DB i'll post some facts.

-Main competitive mode is Stopwatch 5v5. In first round 1team attacks, other team defends. Then they switch sides. And the winner is the team, that does better in attack (i.e. faster, or did more objectives if times are equal)
-There is Matchmaking system (not working properly yet, gonna be fixed as devs say - soon)
-Maps usually have 3 main objectives and some secondary objectives to help either side.

Unlike ET, RTQW, ETQW there are not classes, but mercs in the game.
Every merc has his weapons and his abilities, HP, speed. And mercs play differently from one-another.

There are some classical mercs that are closer to ET/ETQW classes.
I suggest to try Sawbones and Skyhammr first. Or Fragger, if you use nades a lot.