Tournament Dates: June 4th, 2020 - June 6th, 2020

Games: The 3 Original Quakes:

Quake 1 (ezquake)
The Bad Place
The Dark Zone

Quake 2 (Q2Pro)
The Edge
The Frag Pipe
The Chastity Belt

Quake 3 (Quake Live)
The Camping Grounds

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Duel (1v1) Mode, BO3, Double Elimination

1. Game Ban by High Seed (note: High Seed is the better seed, AKA smaller seed number)
2. Game Selection of first and second round by Low Seed
3. Round 1 in Game 1 - Low Seed picks map
4. Round 2 in Game 2 - Low Seed picks map
5. If Round 3 is necessary, banned game is played and High Seed picks map

Although the tournament will be played on NA servers, it is open to all international competitors.

$5,000 and rising. Donations could push to $10,000+
Base Competitor Payout: $5,000.00

1st Place: $600, $3,000 esports contract, and The Holy Trinity Trophy
2nd Place: $400
3rd Place: $300
4th Place: $200
5th Place: $125
6th Place: $125
7th Place: $125
8th Place: $125

Total COVID-19 Relief Funds are expected to gross $5,000.00

50% of Donation pool directly provided to charity Direct Relief

Additional Prizes for competitors:

1st Place: 30% of the remaining donation pool
2nd Place: 25% of the remaining donation pool
3rd Place: 15% of the remaining donation pool
4th Place: 10% of the remaining donation pool
5th Place: 5% of the remaining donation pool
6th Place: 5% of the remaining donation pool
7th Place: 5% of the remaining donation pool
8th Place: 5% of the remaining donation pool

The 1st Place Winner of the tournament earns a $3,000.00 esports sponsorship contract. This prize represents the holy trinity, 3, in thousands. 1st Place Winner will also receive the Holy Trinity Quake Trophy. Sponsorship terms require a semi-pro level of commitment in the upcoming release of Epic Games' Diabotical, and consistent competition in Diabotical AFPS 1v1 events. To earn the stipend, the player would be required to practice normally, compete in online and/or LAN duel tournaments, and behave in a professional manner.

Sponsored player must reside within the continental U.S. If the winner of the tournament does not reside within the continental U.S., then the trophy and a third of the amount of the contract will be dispersed to the winning player, and the contract value will move to the runner up, and so on.

Note: Competitors already having a discoverable esports sponsor are allowed to compete for the 1st place trophy and donation prize, but they will not be awarded with the contract prize. The winning sponsorship contract will proceed to the highest placing competitor without an esports sponsor.

Links: icon_qw Website/Donations, icon_discord Discord, icon_challonge Bracket