Once again brought to you by icon_twitch Tastyspleen.TV, it is time for another installment of the Doombringer EU cup. Third time's a charm, will Stinklikesock still stand as the victor? The tourney will take place on Saturday July 14, 2018 at 12:00 UTC. You can register via icon_challonge Challonge, and check-in opens one hour before!

Doombringer is a game project aimed to create a single player game experience with inspirations taken from (though not exclusively) predominantly two sources of previous games. Quake Live and Doom 2. The game aims to be an amalgamation of the best things from both games, thus creating a chaotic and crazy, but most importantly of all, FUN action/strategy FPS game.
Get v0.1999 Timcon Alpha
icon_cup_gold €50
icon_cup_silver €25
icon_cup_bronze €15
4th: €10
  • Double elimination
  • Best of one upper bracket
  • Best of three lower bracket
  • All players must log into the DOOMBRINGER Discord channel before the tournament commences and remain until all your games are completed.
  • Kristus will be providing servers hosted in Europe.
Map pool:
  • duel 1:Machinations of purgatory
  • duel 4: Crown of sil’ocy
  • duel 9: Endless Consternation
  • gt4: gt4_tx1dy Greed
  • fatamorgana: Fata Morgana by Terifire

Bo1: drop, drop, drop, drop.
Bo3: pick, pick drop, drop.

Admin: Kristus
Stream: Jehar of icon_twitch Tastyspleen.TV
Links: DOOMBRINGER.eu, icon_discord DOOMBRINGER discord, icon_challonge Sign up, Bracket & Rules.