ArenaFPS hosts their third 1v1 King of the Hill event for icon_rflx Reflex on January 17, 2016 at 17:00 UTC, 08 Mar 2021. Sign-ups will open one hour prior to start of the tournament, and will remain open until 19:00 UTC. This will primarily be a European cup, though players from all regions are more than welcome to play.

In order to play, simply join the ArenaFPS discord server and highlight @crazyal or @GMT with 'sign up' or something similar.

  • All games will be played on the same server.
  • The server IP and password will be distributed in the Discord server on the day of the cup.
  • When it is your turn you play you will be highlighted in Discord if you aren't already on the server.
  • Failure to respond will result in being skipped, and moved to the end of the queue.
  • The first two players will decide the map via coin-toss, and the winner will pick first map.
  • Each map thereafter will be picked by the challenger.
  • Players may pick a map from the pool or, if both players agree, any other duel map.
  • The two players with the most wins will go through to the final, and play in a best of five series.
  • Forfeiting in the final is considered poor conduct, and the forfeiting player will not receive the assigned second place prize.
  • You may sign-up as many times as you like between 17:00 UTC and 19:00 UTC.
icon_cup_gold €65
icon_cup_silver €35
  • GMT -- €50
  • CrazyAl -- €20
  • lolograde -- €30
Please contact an admin if you would like to donate!
  • CrazyAl
  • GMT

Stream: icon_twitch ArenaFPS
Links: icon_rflx Reflex Official Website, icon_discord ArenaFPS Discord