It's that time again.
DOOMBRINGER is hosting it'se second Eurocup this coming saturday (November 11th).

Map pool:
Duel 1:Machinations of Purgatory
Duel 2:Toxicity
Duel 3: Aerowalk
Duel 4: Crown of Sil’ocy
Duel 6: Aggressor.

Price pool:
1st: 50€
2nd: 25€
3rd: 15€
4th: 10€

Tournament structure:
Tournament will be double elimination. Upper bracket will be bo3 (including the finals).
Lower bracket will be bo1.

Map voting:
Players will cointoss to decide who picks first.
Bo3 round will be pick, pick, drop, drop.
Bo1 round is drop drop drop drop

To join the game go to the page on challonge and sign up.
Eurocup #2 Challonge page
Promo poster