Bethesda made an official announcement that the next two DreamHack events will feature Quake Champions tournaments. Both tournaments will include open qualifiers in addition to a select list of top Quake Champions pro players who will receive a tournament invite.

The first invites will be handed out to agent and Cypher as confirmed by John "ZeRo4" Hill on the latest AMA stream. They've merited an invite because visa problems prevented them to participate on this year's QuakeCon event even though they qualified. Competitors interested in the open qualifiers will be able to sign up on the DreamHack website. More details will be released in the near future.

DreamHack Denver Quake Championship (October 20-22)
Bethesda will host a $75,000 championship in Denver with competitors facing off in both the ultimate test of individual skill, Quake Champions’ Duel mode, as well as the intense, 4v4 team-based Sacrifice mode. Qualifiers for the DreamHack Denver Quake Championship will begin in September.

The Quake Champions Invitational at DreamHack Winter (December 1-4)
The best of the best will come together for the first Quake Champions Invitational to be held at DreamHack Winter in Sweden. The most elite professional players from around the world will compete for a prize pool of $350,000 in both Duel and Sacrifice modes.