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08:00 UTC
5th August 2017
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Blood Runagent31zoot
Ruins of Sarnathagent30zoot
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Why is betting disabled for this match?
posted 6 years ago
Oversight i think, i unlocked it.

Edit: i relocked it, apparently the reason was that agent has on multiple occasions mentioned on his stream that he is gonna throw his matches because he doesn't want to go to quakecon. Who knows if he is serious though...
posted 6 years ago
Oh I did not know about that and he would have taken my bets with him. ;)
posted 6 years ago
Damn, was hoping for juicy odds on zoot, would have bet against agent on this one.
posted 6 years ago
and you would have lost. ;)
posted 6 years ago
yea probably, but knowing agent there would have been an outside chance at disqualification or something or maybe zoot would have just beasted on the day on an outside chance. At those odds would have been a decent bet.
posted 6 years ago