With the ending of QuakeCon 2015 our very first icon_pf Plus Forward betting season is coming to an end as well. Congratulations to Kung who managed to overcome Biebery by being very active during QuakeCon to secure his first place. His profile will forever show this achievement. The betting overview page also shows history entries with the top10 ranking and a few stats for every previous season.

Top 3:
icon_cup_gold Kung
icon_cup_silver Biebery
icon_cup_bronze cobba
28,886 icon_pluscoin
27,492 icon_pluscoin
4,732 icon_pluscoin

A new season has already started and with it i decided to raise the starting coins to 500 and the maximum you can bet on one match to 5000 since i think that'll make it a bit more fun. If you manage to go below the starting amount you will get a daily amount of 50 new coins until it is back up to 500.