Another year has passed and Plus Forward continues to see updates and improvements with my commitment to continuing the work not fading in the slightest. In the more recent months these updates were mostly focused on admin related interfaces to improve the user experience when managing the big match and event database our admins have assembled since launch.

As of this moment our database consists of 11060 recorded competitive matches with the biggest numbers coming from Quake Live (7889) and Overwatch (2444). Further our database also includes information on 1495 events/tournaments and 3861 VODs for you to enjoy.

I'd like to once again give a big shout-out and thank you for their continuing support and dedication to our contributors with the most productive ones being once again xou and d1z.

I hope you have all enjoyed your visits to Plus Forward and that the site has been a great source of information for everyone. See you all in 2017 for the long promised Arena FPS revival!