Translation of's interview with Anton "Cooller" Singov, conducted during his live stream on icon_twitch twitch on 25.05.1018.

Homeland cybersport veteran told us about his transition from Na'Vi to AMD, his cryptocurrency investments and his new goal in cybersport. He also shared his opinion on the current state of Quake Champions and his approach to upbringing of his kid.


Most discussed news about you is your recent departure from Na'Vi and the transition to AMD. How did that happen?

Cooller: It was the organization's initiative, based on my membership there being unrentable and I agree with that completely. Also, the discipline I am in now doesn't offer a solid interest to the public, so Na'Vi weren't interested in having that game in their arsenal. Since I had no team, I needed to find a new organization to continue performing, so that I have a budget for my trips. Also to have my daily bread, just to keep doing what I'm doing.

Did AMD contact you first, or was it you who contacted them?

Cooller:In fact, I keep in touch with them for a long time. Even before Na'Vi I worked with them on video production, did some video reviews. So I had my contacts and even back then we started discussing the possibility of me representing their brand. And as soon as it became actual again, we collectively came back to that question, I can't outline a single person that had the initiative. We came to this collectively, so it happened.

In that same statement about you leaving Na'Vi, Evgeniy Zolotarev noted that you can still return to the organization, albeit in a different role. Did that mean you coming back as a player or a different occupation?

Cooller: We discussed that beforehand with Evgeniy. Maybe, potentially, I could have been of use to Na'Vi not as a player, but as a manager or a coach or someone else. Let's just say that it's not definitive and I think that's what he meant.

What path would you personally choose for yourself in the future? You can't play your whole life. Or do you plan on attending the tournaments even when you're 50?

Cooller: I can't give you the definitive answer to that question right now. I try to make a short-term plans in life. Meaning 1-2 years in advance. So, when the question arises about the change of activity, then I shall make a decision. I don't have a definitive plan in life. There are options that I stick to, so nothing definitive I can talk about for now.

You say 1-2 year short term plans, can you tell us about them? Or at least for the year ahead?

Cooller: Right now I am playing Quake Champions in AMD roster.


Do you like the direction the game is going? If not, what would you change?

Cooller: I can't say I'm madly glad about how things are right now, how it all happens and develops. But I can tell you that it could be much worse. At the very least we have a schedule for the year ahead, we have certain activities, which I will attend and from which I can potentially make profit. So I can't be super happy, but at the same time I won't say that it's all super bad.

What would I change if I was in developers' place? I'd add more activities. Would make a solid LAN once in two months, like DreamHack Tours, with the same prize pool of 50.000 USD. But I also perfectly understand that there are much more significant costs for running the tournament, aside from prize money, so they go out of bounds in terms of assigned budget. Then again, it's just my thoughts. I can't be 100% certain. Maybe they would like to run more tournaments, but it's not feasible yet or they just don't have the money. But I'd add more activities, more marketing, PR and that's it.

About DreamHack Tours. What are your impressions? It's your first 2on2 tournament in this year. Why did you choose Latrommi as a partner, how did you find each other? How would you rate your performance in the tournament?

Cooller: I chose Latrommi because we have some serious background, we played in the same team for a long time, back in 102, if anyone remembers. We played 4on4, sometimes 2on2, even practiced mixes at one point - split in 2s and constantly changed partners in the team, to change the environment and practice certain moments. So I'm playing with him since old times. Plus we personally got together quite well. I know his personal attributes, they are mostly positive and profitable for me. I can say that he is a very serious person, sometimes he may not meet my expectations in terms of emotions or character. But it's all right, we are all individuals, we all have some pitfalls, in my case as well. The initiative was his, he contacted me, said "let's play together" and I agreed cause none of us had any alternatives, really.

Working in a pair is not just about teamwork, it's about covering your partner's flaws and vice versa. What flaws does Latrommi have?

Cooller: We both have the same flaw - our characters are incompatible at times. Simply speaking, we both kinda have very high self-esteem and take any personal issues very emotionally. So, sometimes when something goes wrong in the game, we both have mutual claims to each other so we disagree, and a mini-scandal starts. But it's normal and perfectly healthy. You just need to know the options and the ways out of such situations.

Third-fourth place in Tours - is it a normal result, or could it have been better? Why did you settle on bronze?

Cooller: Firstly, this result was our goal. Second, we obviously reached it. Third, I think it's a logical result. Fourth, we could have tried to raise the bar, but we lacked in practicing and cooperation, in Quake Champions in particular. Thing is, we didn't practice as much because Latrommi doesn't accept the same training schedule as me. He has a main job, after all, and he lacks the time and energy.

Is QC a hobby for him?

Cooller: Let's just say a second professional occupation, but not the main one.

The chat is asking "when do you plan on beating Raphang?" It is my understanding they're asking about rapha.

Cooller: At the very least, in the nearest tournament I think we will be able to stop them a little.

Now, a serious question. Thing is, Latrommi is a champion of the last year's QuakeCon in Sacrifice. Some were expecting their four to split in twos and continue playing. but that didn't happen to him and Xron. Do you know why?

Cooller: All questions to Xron. He already answered it. He wants to practice a lot, but Latrommi can't.

During your career you've earned more than half a million USD. Where do you invest the money?

Cooller: By the way, right as you were asking me this question, I made this a mini-goal: to earn one million USD from my cybersport career.

How much is left to go?

Cooller: Somewhere around 400.000 USD.

A humble owner of 600.000 "green", Anton Singov...

Cooller: It didn't all come at once. You have to understand that I've been playing for 20 years. So multiply 20 on 12, and you'll get the approximate monthly number. It's a ridiculous amount.


But you're investing these money, not just drinking them away... Does money work?

Cooller: The biggest part I simply invested in the real estate. Something I drunk away, spent on the car etc. Recently I got interested in cryptocurrency, so I invested some in it. My attitude towards the money nowadays is, I gotta at least keep it, and multiply it at best. But never waste it down the drain. I think it happens to everyone with age, when close to 30 people start worrying about it.

Don't you think that you won't be able to reach this goal in Quake? Did you think about changing the game?

Cooller: Firstly, aside from prize money in quake, there's an additional marketing activity. The number you can see in Wikipedia consists not only from prize money, also salary and marketing.

Where does Wikipedia get that information from? About salary, marketing contracts etc.

Cooller: Someone is doing this, I believe I was contacted at some point to confirm this data, gave some additional explanation etc.

When bitcoin was trending, did you buy it? I hope not for 18.000 USD?

Cooller: No (laughs). But that's close, by the way. I am not worried about it, I did everything in parts, and that's how I recommend it to everyone. Meaning not the whole lot, as they say, but buy in parts.

As in half?

Cooller: Maybe not even half, maybe just a quarter. Just in parts, something maybe for 18.000, something for less, something for 6.000, as I remember.

Let's get back to it. What do you prefer, duel, 2on2 or Sacrifice 4on4?

Cooller: 2on2 and duels. In this order.

Right now organizers are moving away from duel formats? You're not happy about that, obviously, why does this happen?

Cooller: I don't think they're moving away from duels. More like, they are adding a team action to duels. At first it was Sacrifice, but then they saw it was performing weak, so now they're trying 2on2. Then, as far as I know, they will make CTF. Duels remain, they are the fundamentals, the core that moves this game. They will be at QuakeCon and DreamHack Winter. Plus now there's online leagues happening regularly. Developers are simply trying things out and that's the right way to do it. They are trying to find what's most interesting to the audience.

CTF - Capture the Flag, right? It's a four players team mode, right?

Cooller: Yes.


Imagine if you had to perform there. Who else, aside from Latrommi, would you perform with? What's your "dream team"?

Cooller: That's a tough question. Initially, teams are formed not from the people I'd want, but from those that are available. If we're talking about CTF "dream team", it's toxjq, Latrommi, Clawz. And me, of course.

Nowadays "battle royale" mode is very popular. Can it be integrated in Quake? Did you think about trying yourself in Fortnite or PUBG?

Cooller: I don't think it's possible to do this in Quake. Different game mechanic, different physics. At least I can't imagine how it could be done. As for other games, I've already tried them, it's quite interesting. Even if we're talking about Overwatch, as an alternative discipline, I tried myself in it but I stayed in Quake because it's my most profile game. It was clear from the start, I knew how I play, what I will invest in it and what I will receive as a result in the end. As for other disciplines, they are not clear for me from the start. I'm not a little kid anymore and I need to be completely sure in the positive outcome. PUBG was released alongside with Quake so I didn't have the opportunity to completely move there.

A hundred million dollars invested in Fortnite esport is a sufficient argument to consider it, no?

Cooller: Of course! I think that everyone involved in esports considered that, at least for a moment. It's one thing if we're talking about quake and its one million prize money and it's a different matter entirely if we're talking Fortnite and a hundred million worth of investments. But I think it's not an outside investment, it's the company's own profit that they are re-investing to gain even more.

A question from's editor. What do you think about the resurrection of Cyberfight?

Cooller: Roman is a champ, what can I say. It's a one man project. I am not involved in it so I don't have an opinion.

Pardon my ignorance, do you have kids?

Cooller: Yes, my son is four years old.

Imagine, if in five years he will come to you and say "dad, I like computer games very much and I saw how you played on LANs long time ago. I want that, too". What would you tell him?

Cooller: Fancy a duel, young man?

Seriously though, would you like your son to have an esport career?

Cooller: By all means! Based on my own experience, I have formed an attitude so that a man has to decide things in life by himself and you shouldn't intrude. I follow the strategy that a person should be given recommendations, lots of information about what areas are out there, what they're for, why people do what they do and what they receive for it. But a person should decide by himself. If my son wants to go kayaking - godspeed. If he wants to play computer games - godspeed. I will simply tell him - dude, if you will go kayaking you will be broke and poor and will have to only eat the fish that you catch. Like, there's no money there. If you need money - do something else, if it's for the soul though - okay. Just keep in mind that the world nowadays is dark and complicated. And you must partially build your life according to this. Let the people decide for themselves.

We are out of questions, thank you for your time, good luck in the future tournaments. Any last words?

Cooller: Thank you for your attention to me, big thanks to AMD for the support, I wish you and everyone else here good luck in your career.

Loud and clear, good luck!

May 25, 2018