The Quake World Championship 2017 held at the Gaylord Texan Resort has come to an end. After four intense days of competition, the final rankings for Duel and Sacrifice are now settled and top players are rewarded with a share of the $1,000,000 QuakeCon 2017 prizepool.

Quake World Championship Duel
icon_cup_gold ($100,000): clawz
icon_cup_silver ($50,000): Vo0
icon_cup_bronze ($30,000): Cooller
4th ($20,000): DaHanG
5-8th ($15,000): noctis, Xron, av3k, rapha
9-16th ($10,000): toxjq, fazz, gellehsak, astroboy, spart1e, k1llsen, strenx, RAISY
17-24th: wichtL, ZenAku, Steej, griffin, Vedmedik, Python, evil, zar
25-32nd: mavLP, ScizR, whaz, chance, FraZe, tomservo, dooi, carnage

Quake World Championship Sacrifice
icon_cup_gold ($300,000): 2z ( clawz, Latrommi, Silencep, Xron)
icon_cup_silver ($150,000): NOTOFAST ( toxjq, fazz, noctis, stermy)
icon_cup_bronze ($55,000): The Defendants ( 2GD, deus, Av3k, Krysa), Team Liquid ( rapha, DaHanG, id_, winz)
5th-6th ($25,000): Myztro Gaming ( GaRpY, HELL, hypno, Vo0), OnTime ( br1ck, whaz, Effortless, psygib)
7th-8th ($25,000): I Totem Teles ( botmode, ckap, sen, theJeffreh), Team Johnson ( carnage, clampOK, Necrophag1st, sane)