After a lot of work I can finally present to the world, a community driven website designed to help cover all things related to competitive Arena FPS.

As a project, Plus Forward started about 2 years ago on a much smaller scale out of the desire to create a coverage platform for QuakeLive TDM. With the cancellation of the second Prague LAN and the general trend of inactivity in clan based QL TDM i started to expand the scope of the site to also include other games, and modes, whilst continuing to add more and more features.

Site Features
As is expected from a news website Plus Forward provides various post types, and categories to help structure the content contributed by our users and admins. The different post types can be found in our Site Guide along with a lot of other information about the site and its usage.

Some of the major features:
  • A competitive events, players and teams database which are all linked.
  • Match report posts linked to the player and team database.
  • A recruitment area to help people find teams and other players.
  • Betting seasons, potentially with prizes for winners (if sponsors can be found).
  • A calendar to show any upcoming or past events.
  • Live stream monitoring and VOD posts which can be linked to streams.
  • Site activity summaries in the top menu to show where people are commenting on the site.
  • A hierarchical comment system which remembers your last read comment and highlights new ones (registered users only).
  • User instant messages.
  • A notification system which informs you about replies to your posts and comments.
  • Quick filters to quickly filter most of the site for a specific game (+ some default categories).
  • Site filters for registered users where you can set exactly which categories you wish to see.
  • A bookmark system for posts.
  • An ignore feature for when you really don't wish to see someones posts (frontpage posts excluded) or comments.
  • A BBCode post editor with a big list of supported tags.
  • A popularity feature for appreciating content created by other users.

Launch betting bonus
As a little launch bonus the first 100 registrations will get an extra 100 PlusCoins on top of the default 100 to use in the site's first betting season, which will end right after QuakeCon 2015!

Bug reporting
Even after extensive testing there might still be bugs hidden somewhere deep in the site. If you happen to stumble upon one such bug, please report it either via a comment here or by messaging me on icon_irc #plusforward @ quakenet.