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Welcome back to the Warsow Pinball School. Today we introduce and practice directional dashing.

Here is what we already can do:

1. We can avoid 0 speed with +moveup and +special only, on any map.

2. We can wall bounce.

3. We can control wall bounce exit with +moveforward, with air acceleration.

And today we learn how to move on the ground with +moveleft +back and +moveright, with directional dashing.

To do this we need to first configure our game a little, and second learn to gain serious speed. Lastly we will practice 4 drills.

OK. Ready? Go.

We first need to download the map futsball. Find the link in the video description.

Open Warsow, and open console. Type g_gametype ca and also set a kill bind. Now load the map.

map futsball


Warm up with few dash jump 180s.

Gametype CA has no self damage.

Use this fact and your rocket launcher to gain speed by performing a dash jump 180.

While bouncing backwards now, hold +moveup like always, and use +attack to launch rockets at the ground when you land to increase speed.

The faster you move the closer the rockets should land.

Reverse course like always with +special, and repeat until happy.


Once we are happy with our speed, we practice a few more dash jump 180s.

After we can dash jump 180 at speed without difficulty, then we start to draw shapes on the pitch.

The first drill is drawing a box.

Trace the box in both directions.


After we can trace the box, we can introduce the remaining movement keys, and use them to trace the same box in place of our mouse movement.

We still use the same mechanical alternation between +moveup and +special.

But, in place of turning the mouse in the direction we want to travel, we now press the direction key and +special to trace the same shape.

As we land, we try to press the correct direction to trace the box.

Remember: we proper mechanics is economical. We will not have time to press extra keys in a duel, and so we do not press extra keys now, like +forward.

Once we can trace the box comfortably, reverse course.

Lastly we draw only part of the box, and reverse course more frequently.

The better our rhythm, the less speed we lose.

We can add speed whenever. Generally 1500-2500 U P S should be fine here.


We can dash in 8 directions on the ground.

We now practice drawing diamonds on the field, and now we need to use +forward.

Be sure to reverse course often.

Try and feel a rhythm.

Although our up/s is high in this drill, the duel game rhythm is much faster, more intense, and varied.


Lastly we will draw triangles.

Trace out various right triangles, and equilateral triangles by combining cardinal and diagonal dashing.



That is it for today.

We have learned how to directional dash, and have 4 drills to practice the skill with.

We improve our directional dashing with the box, the partial box, the diamond, and the triangles.