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Welcome to the Warsow Pinball Movement Tutorial.

In this video playlist, we will learn together how to move in the fastest sport on the web.

Today we will do three things. First we will make a point about proper mechanics. Second we will introduce two buttons, and third we will introduce two drills to practice our basic technique with.

OK. Ready? Go.


Proper mechanics is economical. That is, we want the fewest number of key presses possible.

In that spirit we will see how much we can do by starting merely with two buttons, and only adding additional buttons as required for new techniques in later videos.


The first and most basic technique we will learn is Pinball.

Pinball requires two buttons, +moveup and +special.

+moveup is bound to spacebar. We press and hold the button to bounce.

However +moveup does not move us in any other direction, and so to start Pinball we must use +special.

+special is bound to mouse2. We cannot hold +special, and we must often click it rapidly.

+special's behavior depends on our map position and the terrain.

There are four types of terrain: floors, ramps, stairs, and walls.

And we will feel out +special's behavior on each terrain in our first drill.


OK. We are now in the last part of the video today.

The first drill we will learn is "Non Stop." The way we practice Non Stop is to move around any duel map and never hit 0 speed, using only +moveup and +special. This map is wdm10.

To do this, we will have to understand how +moveup and +special work together, and how +special behaves depending on our position relative to floors, ramps, stairs and walls.

We will also have to be precise with our mouse angles, and be able to click +special rapidly to escape corners and other difficulties.

As we see new duel maps, the "Non Stop" drill is something we can come back to repeatedly to help identify important map features.


The second drill is the dash jump 180. We practice this drill by pressing +special, bouncing once, then reversing course without ceasing. Here we start to move dynamically, and further work our mouse control in both directions.


OK. That's it for today. To review, we outlined the structure of the video playlist, we introduced two buttons and the Pinball technique, and two drills to practice.