From the 14th to the 16th of April, we will host the third LAN of the venerable TimCon series.

The event will take place in the recently opened Horizon E-Sports club in Liverpool. The venue features high-end PCs fully equipped with 144Hz monitors and a swish café/viewing area. Staff are available at the click of a mouse to bring your food and drink orders directly to your seat.

In Liverpool city centre, surrounded by restaurants, corner shops and supermarkets. While the venue prohibits alcohol on the premises, there is no short supply of pubs, clubs and off licenses within hobbling distance.

I would also advise those of us who aren't too hungover in the mornings to go out and experience the vast culture that can be found in Liverpool, a truly wonderful city.
We have 25 PCs available for rental each day (12PM-12PM). The cost is £35 per person, making for a total of £105 should you attend for the duration. You cannot bring your own PC. Length of stay is optional, though if it’s less than a day you’ll have to pay the usual rate of £6 an hour. If you’re in the area and want to hang out, entrance to the viewing area is free.
While you’re welcome to bring peripherals of your own, those too are on offer for no added cost (Logitech G502 mice, G810 keyboards and G640 headsets). Players can also feel free to bring any HUD/config files they may need.
Reflex, Quake Live and Warsow duel tournaments will be ran officially and streamed (formats, prize pools and map pools TBD), with any tournaments organised by attendees being allowed/aided as long as they don’t interfere with main events. The PCs already have Steam, Origin, Battlenet and all that good stuff installed so feel free to download and play any games you own on these platforms, Horizon also have some games available to play for free. Games that aren't on these platforms (like QuakeWorld for example) are perfectly okay to download and install.
Being in the heart of one of the largest cities in the UK, accommodation options are plentiful.

While we have recommendations, we suggest you do your due diligence in hunting down accommodation to your taste. There are hostels and the like available with group rooms. These can end up being really cheap if you can find some others to chip in with, ask around on Discord. (Use the postcode L1 9HB to search)

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For a more detailed look at the facilities see their website or Facebook page:

Links: TimCon Discord, Horizon E-Sports Club