This weekend had the last session of Qualifier rounds for Quake World Championship. All Regional Finalists have been selected and will move on to Regionals in 2 weeks for QWC Finals spot. Duel Regional Finals will be played online on August 5th. Sacrifice Regional Finals will be played on LAN and start August 6th (Leicester, UK for European Finals and Burbank, CA for American Finals).

QWC Duel European Regional Finalists
Duel EU Qualifier #1: Xron, noctis, Nitrino, agent, Vo0, Cooller, clawz, cYpheR
Duel EU Qualifier #2: tox, GaRpY, av3k, stermy, baSe, dem0n, wichtL, fazz
Duel EU Qualifier #3: k1llsen, smoke, inz, strenx, RAISY, brejk, pikawa, Sl1p
Duel EU Qualifier #4: zoot, kRoNic, evil, luke, luminus, Sephis, prox1mo, Karwik

QWC Duel American Regional Finalists
Duel NA Qualifier #1: lavak3, chance, gellehsak, Necrophag1st, erebux, clampOK, griffin, malvoe
Duel NA Qualifier #2: rapha, dooi, Pit, astroboy, whaz, snipereyes, Vedmedik, DaHanG
Duel NA Qualifier #3: id_, deathr0w, mdo, hoyt, sane, futile, Stone, carnage
Duel NA Qualifier #4: jso, davis, discoRyne, tomservo, zar, Ruleth, gloat, ScizR

QWC Sacrifice European Regional Finalists
Sacrifice EU Qualifier #1:
  • 2z ( Latrommi, Xron, clawz, Silencep)
  • NOTOFAST ( noctis, fazz, stermy, tox)
  • Alliance ( Spart1e, strenx, syndrom, Busdriverx)
  • The Defendants ( deus, av3k, Krysa, 2GD, SUB: cYpheR)
Sacrifice EU Qualifier #2:
  • Avengers ( k1llsen, abso, ph0enx, MasterMind)
  • myztro ( GaRpY, HELL, Vo0, hypno)
  • RushB ( hal, memphis, Sev_, ins)
  • miasma! ( dem0n, ddk, Juven1le, Lithz)

QWC Sacrifice American Regional Finalists
Sacrifice NA Qualifier #1:
  • OnTime ( whaz, psygib, Br1ck, Effortless)
  • Top Gun ( griffin, Thump4, Pit, deathr0w)
  • Team Johnson ( carnage, clampOK, Necrophag1st, sane)
  • Team Liquid ( rapha, DaHanG, id_, winz, SUB: AZK)
Sacrifice NA Qualifier #2: