GameTribe online & LAN gaming community are hosting an online icon_ql Quake Live Duel Tournament starting on Tuesday, 16th August at 18:00 UTC. The amount of sign-ups will ultimately determine the length of the tournament but Grand Finals are expected to take place on Tuesday, 4th October. Players can sign up on icon_challonge Challonge.

  • Group stage - best of three
  • Elimination stage - best of five
  • Grand finals - best of seven
Group Stage
- First group games start on the 16th of August at 18:00 UTC. Each group thereafter will take place every Tuesday until all groups have been completed.

Elimination Stage
- Elimination stage will start the Tuesday after the last group has finished.
icon_cup_gold $600
icon_cup_silver $350
icon_cup_bronze $220
4th $120
5th-8th $70

For anyone who would like to support the GameTribe duel series and see that it continues season after season, please Donate $1 a month if you can.

Donations can be sent to @ PayPal

Map Pool:
Battleforged, Bloodrun, Cure, Hektik, Lost World, Silence, Sinister

Map Picking:
Bo3 - pick, pick, drop, drop, drop, drop, pick.
Bo5 - pick, pick, pick, pick, drop, drop, pick.
Bo7 - Cointoss winner picks first, loser picks each map thereafter.
Fair Play:
Participants are expected to play at their full capacity at all times. Deliberately losing will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification.
All participants are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. Abusive language, excessive swearing, and other forms of disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Admins may remove any player for violation of this rule at their own discretion.
Each player may call up to two (2) timeouts per map for technical reasons. Players are not allowed to call any timeouts for tactical reasons; doing so may result in a map loss.
Players must join #gametribecups IRC channel during their group stage or finals stage.
Anyone who is not able to play their game on the date they are needed to play or simply do not show, then that player or players will forfeit their game.

Admin: Lord Soth
Stream: icon_twitch ZLive
Links: Official Announcement, icon_irc #gametribecups, icon_challonge Sign-Up