After a realy long break, Duel Noob Fraternity is back with a new iteration of our low-level icon_ql duel Cups.
We will host Crash Cup #1 on Saturday 12:00 UTC, 18 Sep 2021. Check our Discord for practice games and sessions or any questions you might have.

  • Double elimination
  • Upper Bracket - Best of one, starting with Semifinals best of 3
  • Lower Bracket - Best of one
  • All players must log into the DuelNoobs Discord channel before the tournament commences and remain until all your games are completed.
  • Players must have an account at least two months old with more than 50 duels played and a rating no higher than 1300 on
  • DNF will be providing servers hosted in Europe, the password will be announced in the Discord channel before the tournament starts. If you set up a password protected server to play on, you must announce the password in the channel before your game starts.
  • Aerowalk
  • Bloodrun
  • Furious heights
  • Sinister
  • Toxicity
bo1: drop, drop, drop, drop.
bo3: pick, pick, drop, drop.[/q]

Admin: aesick, nocturne, tKy, robo
Stream: icon_twitch DuelNoob
Other Links: icon_discord DNF-Discord, Sign-Up, Brackets