The sign-ups for icon_ql Quake Live TDM 2v2 Winter Season will be open from Sunday 6th January until Sunday 20th of January 2019.

The League start will be Monday 28th of January, duration depends on the sign-ups (1 match per week). Division 1 plays Monday at 19:00 UTC, Division 2 Tuesday at 19:00 UTC, Division 3 Wednesday at 19:00 UTC.

Check below for all needed informations and sign-up! If you already have player and clan account on House of Quake, feel free to sign-up right away. Otherwise make sure to register yourselves and your clan first.

There are few things new players should make sure to remember when applying for House of Quake:
1. All players should double check if their SteamID is entered for Quake Live.
2. Clan leaders, after creating clan, must create squad and add players from clan to that particular squad.

Failure to follow any of these instructions will result in your team not being able to join the league.
If further help is needed contact admin(s) on #HoQLeagues @ Quakenet.
Gametype: TDM 2v2 Classic
Format: Bo3
Admin(s): doz3r
IRC: #HoQLeagues [/q]
- Almost Lost
- Bloodrun
- Campgrounds
- Devilish
- Hidden Fortress

Streams: icon_twitch 102, icon_twitch k1lljoy
Links: Rules, Signups, icon_discord HoQ Discord, icon_irc HoQLeagues, icon_twitter HouseofQuake