Australian developers TurboPixel Studios released another update for Reflex, bringing out a lot of new materials, assets, commands, as well as the a healthy dosage of bug fixes. The full changelog for version 0.34.2 is below.


  • Added automatic map rotations
  • Callvote command now supports "rotation <name>" and "nextmap"
  • Added power-ups to racemode (so quad actually spawns in)
  • Added power-up stay to racemode. when you pickup quad, it stays on the ground.
  • Plasma gun is once again projectile based.
  • Added "reset_vars" command to reset all console vars to their defaults. This is now written to config above vars, just like unbind all is written to config above binds (fixes issues where vars aren't set to defaults (when they should be) when switching between configs.
  • Replaced "r_resolution" command with "r_resolution_windowed" and "r_resolution_fullscreen" commands.
  • Game now ends early if there are not enough players / not enough on team.
  • Added "callvote restart" command
  • Added reconnect command.
  • Tweaked player outlines
  • Team mate outlines now show through walls.
  • Added r_bloom 3. It's faster and looks better but still has some bugs to be squashed.
  • Added cl_weaponcycle command. This controls if nextweapon/lastweapon commands loop through.
  • "weapon X" now only works if you are carrying that weapon. (instead of switching you to burstgun)
  • Increased max chat line length to 256 characters (up from 64)
  • Replay files now contain a header with game info
  • Replay filenames now use player names for 1v1 matches
  • We now have files in base/internal/rotations/*.rotation which allow you to put the server in rotation
  • Added sv_startrotation to define the rotation to start the server with (if not defined, it falls back to sv_startmap/sv_startmode)
  • Added "rotation" console command (dedi only), sets current rotation
  • Added "nextmap" console command (dedi only), steps to next map/mode in rotation
  • Added initial default.rotation
  • Fixed typo in loading screen tip
  • Updated options menu to work with new resolution cvars
  • Options menu will now correctly display the refresh rates available for the resolution you're changing to (as opposed to previously where it would always
  • show the refresh rates available for the current resolution)
  • Added optionalid to colour picker (provided by aliasedfrog)
  • Added headers do-not-modify warning headers to all official lua scripts.
  • Updated chatlog.lua to support an input line longer than the window (can scroll forwards/backwards with cursor / multiselect)
  • Updated chatlog.lua to support multi-line chat from other players.
  • Updated Chatlog "Chaingun" -> "Plasma Rifle"
  • Added material: trims/metal_01
  • Added material: concrete/concrete_bunker_02 variant
  • Added material: cinderblock_01_painted_* variants (variety of flavours)
  • Added material: concrete_polished
  • Added materials: concrete_02, concrete_polished
  • Added material: trims/metal_02
  • Added materials: corrugated_sheet_iron, corrugated_plated
  • Added mesh: sheet_iron
  • Added meshes: i beams
  • Updated wall_tube2 (less saturated colour, larger radius, increased intensity)
  • Updated materials/effect files: windows (increased intensities slightly)
  • Fixed wood material not being lightmapped correctly
  • When an error occurs playing a replay, the client is now correctly returned to disconnected state (fixes bug where menubar wasn't appearing on bogus menu.rep)
  • "re_speed" is now ignored for menu replay
  • Fixed brush UV rotation tool, now finds correct brush angles.
  • "cl_show_gun 0" now works as it should (doesn't just pull gun down by 100 units :))
  • Removed weapon/power-up drop in racemode (happened when you fell out of world)
  • Fixed bug where sometimes cursor wasn't locking to window bounds in fullscreen mode.
  • Player no longer take 1 tick of lava damage when respawning after dying in lava.

Source: icon_rflx Official Reflex Forum