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Hi! I was asking myself why nobody hosts duel cups lately. Is it about Kerpal fakemonkey cup? I feel sorry about Reload's retire because of it, but dont care that much myself, i just want to play the game. I suppose there should be guys like me waiting for something to happen, so i decided to make Saturday Duel Cup Series. Wich means i will host a duel cup every saturday as far as i can. Im not expecting large amount of sign-ups, but hey, something is better than nothing!

Let the carnage begin!

Game: Warsow 1.6 Lastest version.

Channel: #wswsaturduel

- Leshka

- Leshka's cup1 /connect;password cup1
- Leshka's cup2 /connect;password cup2
more to come very soon.

- If only 8 or less sign-ups we do a bo3 swiss groups with champion deciding match in bo5.
- If more than 8 sign-ups we do a bo3 DE bracket with bo5 final.
- Total 5 maps in each pool, one map decided by champion of the last cup, rest of maps will be picked random from: wdm1, wdm2, wdm5, wdm6, wdm10, wdm11, wdm12, wdm14, wdm15, wdm16 and wdm17!
- Map picking is pick-pick-drop-drop.
- Server is decided from official server list counting ping difference between the players with cl_extrapolate 0 setting, servers not from the official list also can be played, but only if both players agree and if the server records demos.
- Every participant needs to be on #wswsaturduel channel on
- Dont act rude to other participants, if someone points you that your behavior is inappropriate and you continue to rain shit on him you will be disqualified.
- Call timeout if your opponent is lagged out, also have timeout command binded!