After a few days of a beginning of Kickstarter company, Diabotical reached their £110,000 goal. The founder of The 2GD Studio James Harding confirmed this in Kickstarter page:

Thanks to your amazing support, we have reached the £110k/$145k goal after just a few days! The Diabotical team wishes to extend our gratitude to all of our backers.

What's next? Over the next few weeks we’ll keep trying to promote the campaign in order to hit the stretch goals. Expect some content updates regarding the core aspects of the game, features and stretch goals.

From the whole GD Studio team, thank you.

// Ok ok, we had to write something professional. But I just wanna let you know I’ve got the whole team spamming me on skype, facebook, discord and everywhere else in excitement of what just happened. So again thank you for the support, I don’t want to be too cheesy. But yeah, you’ve created a bit of a moment in our lives to say the least. Catch up soon when our updates are ready! /James

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