This Sunday, 27th of March, will see the first matches of the icon_ql HoQ TDM Spring Season 2016!

With 3 divisions and 20 teams, this new season features 2 more teams than the previous. So far, the prize money consists of 455 EUR. The details of the prize distribution will be announced later.

Here are the matches for the first round of the league. The news will be updated if the teams are rescheduling. We really urge the teams to reschedule as soon as possible when needed, and contact the admins about it.

the big dicks < deal with it (def loss for the big dicks)
20:00 UTC, 31 Mar 2016 - Deliberate Murder vs Team Hungary (noshow from Team Hungary)
19:00 UTC, 30 Mar 2016 - Dimension 4 vs REKT

tbd: Insan3, zsx, debtorr, Luminus, Xron, dem0n
deal: Silencep, clawz, Spart1e, ph0en|X
102: pavel, Latrommi, cas, kenny
hun: dash, feeder, gandhi, kroy, s7ry, Wood
d4: un4x, dance, antonio_by, gog, noobakillah, otto
rekt: ashof102, rehepapp, khan, gienon, brescia, h8m3
19:00 UTC, 30 Mar 2016 - Hateful Eight vs excel
19:00 UTC, 31 Mar 2016 - Burrito vs (B52) (spec demos / VOD)
WORLDSTAR vs onfire (wildcard by WORLDSTAR, moved to catchup week)

[h8]: dehumanizer, cream, haz_mat, szefu, ticket_man, XPEHOPE3
excel: Lithz, rax, fragster, Slunge, slm, Headz
|B|: qb, tr1x0, k0marr, Drayan, JunkZ, afgh4n
(B52): lethiferous, HiRi_, Prestij, Troolz, evt, cherepoff
WDSR*: R1EPA, niteinaction, waro, Ant3stor, GaRpY, Sothis
Of: mdf, Kujiwa, Przrg, p1s, a1r_r41d
nerds vs infinity (VOD)
Platige Team vs RAKS (spec demos / VOD)
19:00 UTC, 28 Mar 2016 - Zombei vs Virtual owners (spec demos / VOD)

n.e.r.d.s.: lici, sollex, zantek, Insaccato, horowitz, ParaNoiiA
8/: Pio, 8Myp3uk, banShee, inz_, lostcost, KindDevil
PL: r1bo, kosq3, Rowny, spooky, SSRI, goblin
♋: maf, podbitiy_olen3, 170bpm, Kalter, Gibi, atomicblast
zombi: hattifnattar, deimos_, EricCartmenez, Play_ua, k1lljoy, furti_ve
vO: Ewil, dzouKi, Dloobiq, brajente

The map list of this season consists of Deep Inside, Dreadful place, Grim Dungeons, Hidden Fortress, Limbus, Purgatory and Ragnarok.

4.6 - If an admin is present for the map picking, the procedure should go through him. If not then the clan leaders should go through the following procedure:

* The cointoss winner decides which team picks first. The team that picks second will drop first in the event of a deciding map.

* Each clan picks one map from the pool. The same map cannot be picked twice.

* If a deciding map is needed then each team will drop a map and whichever map remains will be played.

Now is time to bet on the matches!

Streams: 102, funnyb, Flair TV
Links: Schedule, Rules - icon_irc #HoQLeagues - Donate for the league