DreamHack Winter is in a few days and is set to be the most stacked LAN tournament that Quake Champions has had.

For this event's preview, I decided to create a points system that to better demonstrate how consistently players been performing in the last few months. The ranking works by classifying each event per tier, so tournaments like QuakeCon 2017, DreamHack Winter 2017 and PGL Esports 2018 are considered Tier 1 events and on the opposite side of the spectrum, tournaments such as Quake Open League, BEAT Invitational or MediaMarkt LANs are considered Tier 4 events. A good performance at a Tier 1 event obviously rewards a player with a lot more points than a good performance at a Tier 2, 3 or 4 event.

What was taken into account when classifying the events per tier:
  • LAN or Online.
  • Intercontinental, International, or Regional.
  • Quality and quantity of participating players
  • Prize pool

With that said, only events from the last four months have been considered for this ranking, since it's meant to give an accurate representation of each player's current shape.
  • Page 1 - 300+ Points
  • Page 2 - 300-200 Points
  • Page 3 - 200-100 Points
  • Page 4 - 100-50 Points