Yesterday evening the admins in presence of the players did the group draw for the Quake World Championship tournaments. The final groups for duel will be completed once the BYOC qualifier has finished which is attended by known players such as evil, fraze, python and spartie among others. The groups for Sacrifice will be played in the GSL format while Duels will be Round Robin.

Quake World Championship Duel Groups
Group A rapha Сooller wichtL mavLP
Group B noctis ScizR DaHanG ZenAku
Group C whaz Vo0 clawz Steej
Group D Xron griffin chance Spart1e
Group E Vedmedik astroboy av3k FraZe
Group F k1llsen gellehsak Tomservo Python
Group G dooi strenx fazz evil
Group H RAISY carnage toxic zar

Quake World Championship Sacrifice Groups
Group A Team Liquid 2z I Totem Teles Myztro Gaming
Group B OnTime The Defendants NOTOFAST Team Johnson

  • 2z ( xron, clawz, Latrommi, Silencep )
  • Myztro Gaming ( hypno, GaRpY, HELL, Vo0)
  • NOTOFAST ( stermy, tox, fazz, noctis )
  • The Defendants ( 2GD, Krysa, deus, av3k)
  • I Totem Teles ( botmode, ckap, sen, theJeffreh)
  • OnTime ( whaz, psygib, Br1ck, Effortless)
  • Team Liquid ( rapha, DaHanG, id, winz)
  • Team Johnson ( carnage, clampOK, Necrophag1st, sane)