Today, on 8th July 2017, the second QWC European Sacrifice Qualifier was completed. Eight teams will now gather on August 6 in Leicester, UK to compete for four spots in the main tournament at QuakeCon 2017. Bethesda has offered to pay for the travel expenses of the participants to the regionals.

QWC Sacrifice European Regional Finalists:
  • 2z: Latrommi, Xron, clawz, Silencep
  • NOTOFAST: noctis, fazz, stermy, tox
  • Alliance: Spart1e, strenx, syndrom, Busdriverx
  • The Defendants: cYpheR, av3k, Krysa, 2GD
  • Avengers: k1llsen, abso, ph0enx, MasterMind
  • myztro: GaRpY, HELL, Vo0, hypno
  • RushB: hal, memphis, Sev_, gh0rilla
  • miasma!: dem0n, ddk, Juven1le, Lithz