The first weekend of qualifiers for Europe and North America wrapped up last night as the first group of players successfully managed to secure a berth into the regional qualifiers. The road to QuakeCon is still far away as there are many more weekends worth of qualifiers left. The list of competitors are to numerous to mention individually but it appears like many of the legends from the genre have shown up to compete.

Qualified Players

The following players have been able to secure their spot at the regional qualifiers for duel:

  • Xron
  • noctis
  • Nitrino
  • Vo0
  • Cooller
  • clawz
  • cypher
  • malvoe
  • griffin
  • erebux
  • Necrophag1st
  • gellehsak
  • chance
  • lavak3
  • 2z
  • Alliance
  • The Defendants

Important Matches

Although there were many great matches, we would recommend the following games as they were quite good:


I don't really have the time (or quite frankly the interest) to be following every game for the qualifiers but our Road to QuakeCon: First European Duel Qualifier — Day One was relatively well received, and I was asked by admins & players where the equivalent for the North American qualifiers were. If someone is interested in writing the actual content, I am willing to help with respect editing and presentation but I cannot deliver much in-depth material without actually watch the games... which I won't really be doing. You can see the issue here. Message me if you think you can do this :)

Links: ESL Tournament Hub