Hello baSe! It turned out to be such a good spring for the whole Quake community. The Quake Champions closed beta testing did not last long, just after almost a month everyone can play the new Quake. Is there a feeling that Quake is reborn?

baSe: Hello, GoodGame! It’s feeling great, cause one of the greatest eSports disciplines is coming back to a big scene. Did you start playing Quake Champions from the first day of closed beta testing or even earlier?

baSe: I received the key on the first day and installed it. I looked at what the game was and put it off until I upgraded my PC. You can say that I’ve been playing it since the start of the Large-Scale Tech Test. What is your feeling about Quake Champions at this moment? Is it a fairly playable product or does it still require a lot of changes?

baSe: Surely there is a lot of work for developers to fix and to alter. For example, duels are changed with the new 3-frags mechanic. I’d like to see the classic duel mode. Quake Champions has great potential if the developers pay attention to it. Let’s hope they will listen to us, since the community gives a huge amount of feedback. How often do you play right now and what’s your game rating?

baSe: I usually playing the game in the evening, and I literally don’t care about my rating at this moment. A lot of famous quakers from CIS started to play Quake Champions. Whom do you often play or discuss the game with?

baSe: I’m playing versus agent, Nitrino or just a random guys from matchmaking. A lot of “retired” quakers started to play, but that doesn’t mean they will play it actively. What is your favourite gamemode right now?

baSe: I mostly play duel, where everything only depends on you and shows 100% of your skill, and it should be said that there are no duel disciplines except StarCraft and WarCraft 3. So Quake Champions will be an excellent solution if you like rivalry, where everything depends on yourself. Continuing on the theme of duel, do you think that the developers messed up a bit with this format? The matches will be rather short, which can negatively affect the entertainment. Or is this a fresh look at the duel discipline?

baSe: Duel was certainly simplified. The possibility of total control of the map is removed, it is impossible to collect all the armors on the map. The current duel design gives a great advantage to players with strong aim. I prefer the classical mode, but the developers have different views, and I can understand that. Constant skirmishes give more entertainment to the viewers. These days, almost every developer tries to monetize his product through various in-game purchases. As a fan of Quake, are you ready to accept that various skins and decorations will be added to the game?

baSe: I'm fine with this. Especially when the game does not make you pay with a real currency. If you want to play in Quake Champions, you can do it without paying a penny, if you want to buy something from skins weapons / clothes, you can buy from the virtual currency of the game. It's worth noting that Quake Champions have made a ladder system similar to Warcraft 3. I'm very glad about that, because I'm a fan of Warcraft 3. Now we have the opportunity to grind and play against random opponents of your skill. To fully participate in duel mode after the release, you have to pay for the game. How much do you consider acceptable for this game?

baSe: I'm from Russia, and I hope the torrent and pirates will not let us down (laughing). Many people are worried about the question. What kind of computer is needed for a comfortable game in Quake Champions? Are you satisfied with your PC or are you going to upgrade in the near future?

baSe: I purchased a new processor and graphics card for this game and stream. The game is not optimized, so I can not give exact data. I can say that the requirements are not overstated and everyone will have the opportunity to play. The optimal FPS for pro games is 130-180. What are your plans for Quake Champions, if everything goes well in terms of tournaments and prize money? Is there still a proven esport competitor in you?

baSe: I'll play and stream. I will try to find time for tournaments and win prizes. Thank you for answering our questions! Good luck in training!

baSe: Thank you, I'll see you again!

Source: Original Interview in Russian