In an extensive interview with German O-Ton, Willits discusses all things Quake Champions related. In a variety of topics, two stand out the most: Sacrifice and in-game console. The console, as expected, won't be present in Quake Champions. The developers at id feel that there will be enough graphic customization options available in the menus that further meddling with console will not be required.

Regarding Sacrifice, Willits mentions that it basically plays like football and spectates like football. He also states that teams have to "get together and push forward". Not much of other detail is revealed, but it certainly gives food for thought. The most football-like mode in Quake titles so far was 1-Flag CTF and perhaps Sacrifice will be much in the same vein, with teams contesting a single objective on the map and trying to capture it.

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Source: O-Ton Interview