As it was mentioned in the previous QuakeCon 2017 update, the community competitions will feature a prize pool of over $50,000 USD. QuakeCon team have finally revealed the games they will feature along with accompanying prize pools. Game list is dominated by id titles, with the sole Bethesda title being The Elder Scrolls: Legends, a free-to-play card game from TES universe. The prize pool for Legends is $5,000.

As far as id titles are concerned, you will have the opportunity to compete in QUAKE II Duel ($10,000), QUAKE LIVE 4v4 CTF ($10,000), DOOM 2v2 Clan Arena ($7,000), QUAKE Duel ($5,000) and RAGE FFA ($5,000).

Additionally to classic gaming competitions, this year's QuakeCon will also be the first one to feature a cosplay competition so all you weabos and otakus can go wild with your creations. Here's hoping to see a lot of Nyx cosplays. The prize pool for cosplay competition has also been announced and it is $5,000.