Did you know a TRI CONTINENT duel tournament is happening very soon within the QuakeWorld community?

It is the first of a kind tournament of an arena first-person-shooter. Where latency maters, QuakeWorld is once again a breakthrough in online gaming.

The tournament will take advantage of the project that has been going on for around 18 months, with the goal of getting key servers in strategic servers in place to make matches on fair ping between contestants from different continents possible. So far there are players from Europe, North-America and all the way down to South America signed up.

It will have CA$H prizes, live coverage and stream, everything to be a top event, in the year that Quake celebrates his 19th birthday. Until now, more than 50 players from all over the world signed up.

Honor the legacy and make news of it, encouraging every FPS lover to either sign up or follow the tournament online!

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