CGI Announcement Trailer:

youtube preview

Tim Willits notes on the game:
  • PC only
  • Multiplayer only
  • 120fps target (unlocked fps)
  • Fast paced movement (strafe jumping, rocket jumping, "ledge popup" ... double jump?)
  • Different Characters with different abilities
  • Bethesda to support tournaments beyond QuakeCon
  • He mentioned the character "Nyx" being his favorite because she is fast and rocket jumps high which could mean different movement speeds per characters

Observations from the trailer:
  • Ranger picked up an LG, so hopefully weapon pickups are a thing (and not limited to only holding 2 weapons or some such nonsense)
  • Player models i saw where Ranger, Visor and 2 new ones: Nyx and Scalebearer
  • Different sized models may hint at different sized hitboxes per character
  • Jumppads
  • Weapons in the trailer:
    • Shotgun (looks a bit like the Q3 one from the side)
    • Lightning Gun
    • Railgun
    • Rocket Launcher (Q3 styled, yay)
    • Machine Gun (looks a bit like the HMG from QL)
    • Gauntlet
  • Possible "abilities":
    • Wallhack for Visor
    • Bull Rush: Some sort of speed dash/running ability for Scalebearer
    • Dire Orb: Throwable purple teleport orb for Ranger
    • Phase Out: A different sort of Teleport for Nyx whiuch shows a blue trace of where she went

Links: Homepage, icon_twitter @QuakeChampions