I'm very happy to announce that Liverpool’s Horizon E-Sport Club will once again play host to the UK's hottest Arena FPS event, TimCon LAN 7 from the 25th to 28th of April. The four-day event will feature three main tournaments, Quake Live 1v1, CPMA 1v1 and Diabotical 1v1. (Provided Diabotical is actually released by then ;D)

I'm also happy to inform you that we now have our own website with all relevant information which you can find at TimConLAN.co.uk

TimCon LAN is a community driven Arena FPS LAN party located in Liverpool, England. What started as a small get together between five friends has grown into a four-day gaming event attracting players from across the UK and neighbouring European countries.

Here’s a brief taste of icon_youtube TimCon 3, courtesy of Demsix. As well as his day three icon_youtube timelapse.

TimCon 3 Summary
TimCon 4 Summary
TimCon 5 Summary
TimCon 6 Summary
Thursday 18:00 UTC - 00:00 UTC
Set-up & casual games

Friday 12:00 UTC - 00:00 UTC
CPMA 1v1

Saturday 12:00 UTC - 00:00 UTC
Quake Live 1v1

Sunday 12:00 UTC - 00:00 UTC
Diabotical 1v1
We have 20 PCs available for rental each day. The cost is £35 per PC, per day (up to two people can share one PC) making for a total of £122.50 (£17.50 for the half-day) should you attend for the full duration. You cannot bring your own PC. If you’re in the area and want to hang out, entrance to the viewing area is free.

As for payment, there is a £20 deposit charge in order to secure your place on the reserve list. This money will go towards your PC rental, the rest of which you can pay when you arrive in person. If you cancel up to two weeks before the event this deposit charge will be refunded in full. If you cancel AFTER this date your deposit will be added to the prize pool.

Attendees may send their deposit via PayPal to paypal.me/horizonliverpool. Make sure you mention TimCon LAN, provide your discord username or in-game username as well as your real name with your payment message.

While you’re welcome to bring peripherals of your own, those too are provided at no additional cost (Logitech G502 mice, G810 keyboards and G640 headsets). Players can also feel free to bring any HUD/config files they may need.
TimCon LAN prize pools are crowdfunded by the community, this money goes to paying for materials for trophies OR directly into prize pools. If you want your donation go to towards a specific game prize pool, please mention this in your payment message.

PayPal: Thank you for support.

Stream: icon_twitch TimConLAN
Links: TimCon LAN Site, icon_discord TimCon LAN Discord, icon_facebook Horizon E-Sports Club