Hello all,

As a part of creating events for players on the icon_cpma #uscpmpickupd Discord server, and for the objective of increasing player activity, engagement and increasing the overall player base, I was thinking we could do some possibly interesting things. I'm hoping that these ideas, working in conjunction, could foster a competitive and fun environment. Keep in mind that all of this is all up for discussion and that community feedback would be appreciated.

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Weekly Events Schedule

Having regular weekly events are both fun but more importantly give players expected days and times when they can play. The predictable nature of such scheduled events means that players can better anticipate when games will happen, and thus (possibly) increase the likelihood of actually get a game. The schedule would be something like:
  • Tuesday - 2V2 TDM ("2V2 Tuesday")
  • Thursday - 4V4 TDM ("TDM Thursday")
  • Sunday - 4V4 CTF ("CTF Sunday")

Regular Duel Cups

As a part of this effort to create a regular and predictable schedule, I also think it would be helpful a duel tournament every eight (8) weeks. This allows for enough time between tournaments to keep things interesting but not so much time that people become disinterested. As a part of this effort, I would also propose that we rotate maps every other tournament between regular and irregular ("kenya") map pools. The kenya map pools will be much more flexible, and would have maps drawn from a much bigger pool.

Example map pools would be:

  • cpm3a
  • cpm15
  • cpm22
  • cpm24
  • eizdm4
  • evolution
  • Hektik
  • cpm3b
  • cpm17
  • cpm23
  • cpm24a
  • cpm30_b1
  • sodab2
  • wingsb9

Number One & Number Two

The time between tournaments will also be very useful. As some of you are aware in our last duel cup, CPM Duel Cup we crowned the winner as the Number One, which happened to be santile. The role of the Number One is pretty simple, they are the best player on the server, and the only person that can challenge them is the winner of the next tournament (to make themselves as the Number Two). Once the Number Two is determined, they will face off against the Number One, this case santile, in a special BO7 event for the position of the Number One. After the special event, the Number Two role will be up for grabs as the reward of winning the next duel c up.

One question I have is: should the Number One be allowed to participate in a duel tournament?
  1. In the scenario in which they are allowed to participate, they may end up winning, as such, would a special event be needed? (As they would face off the second place finisher anyway, who they have to beat to win the cup)
  2. That being said, disallowing a player from competing also seems a bit unfair, especially for such a small community.
Currently I'm inclined to disallow the Number One from participating because it would ruin the spirit of the position.

Discord Clans

What might also be interesting is to break the discord up into four (4) clans, with each clan having their own private channel, clan tag, etc. The clans could they compete against each other in the weekly events, duel cups, etc... where they would accumulate points. This also means that we can more easily setup 2V2, CTF, and TDM tournaments/leagues, as we would have a minimum of four clans. We would take the best four players on the server, and make them captains. Those captains would then select players in a draft, and the player pool would be everyone in the server. I think there maybe some benefit here as it could create a socially more interesting environment.

The point system can be figured out later, but we could adopt something like the point system in Formula One. Points would be accumulate by having your clan place well in a team event, or a player in your clan place well in a duel event.


With all that being said above, we can have seasons that last six-eight months, after which a clan is declared the winner. I'm not sure what the prize could/would be, but maybe there is some monetary incentive.