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Welcome back to the Warsow pin-ball school. Today we have three things to do on map wdm15.

First we need to check a setting. Second we will review dash jump 180 and wall bounce. And lastly we will add a movement key.

OK. Ready? Go.

First open console with the tilde key, and set cg_oldmovement "1"

The pin-ball school only works with this setting from here on.

REVIEW: An wdm15 we have a lot of open space to play with, so lets make use of it. We start by returning to the dash jump 180 repeat.

If you can't 180 in time, take an extra jump instead of stopping.


Once that we are comfortable with that move, we go down the hallway to the LG ammo. Here we will practice the wall bounce, but in a tighter space than on wdm10.

Notice the obstacle indentation on the left part of the wall, and the ramp to the right.

We will have to be more precise to wall bounce here, and we should practice our 90 turns and 180 turns.

OK, we have finished our review. now we will start the lesson and add a movement key, +forward.

Do two wall bounces.

After we +special off floor, we look to the right.

Next we press +forward; and lastly +special off the wall.

This bears repeating.

The order is critical.

First +special off floor, then look, then +forward, and lastly +special off wall.

Here are some examples at full and half speed.

We want to alternate between bouncing back off the wall and bouncing out of the exit.

If you do not exit cleanly, you pressed +forward too late.

Use only pure pin-ball, +special and +moveup, to get back into position.


Lastly we will circle the map with the same technique.

We will use +forward to accelerate us before we +special off the walls.

Try and circle the map a few times with the correct +forward order

Try to bounce off the walls when you turn

We want to feel the air acceleration, and use it in tandem with our pin-ball +special spam.

If you get lost, or something goes wrong, remember to click mouse2 like crazy. pay attention for new sounds and movements.

In this drill we must avoid 0 speed.

Do not use +forward to regain control, or to start your movement.

Remember to reverse course with 180s.



That is all for today.

We have set cg_oldmovement 1, reviewed old material, and added +forward air acceleration to direct our wall bounce.